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the 500 caliber is reported to have about 3 times the knockdown energy as the .44 magnum at 100 yards; but, for me, if I had to choose between the two, I'd still stick with the .44 magnum as its more than enough to stop large game animals and the price of the ammo is much less--also, much less recoil.

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Q: Is a 44 magnum more powerful a 500 caliber?
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What is the most powerful pistol?

Smith and Wesson 500 magnum revolver

How do you use magnum in a sentence?

The .500 S&W magnum is the most powerful handgun round commercially available.

Is the smith and Wesson 500 more powerful than the desert eaglle 50 cal?

Yes, the .500 S&W Magnum is a significantly more powerful cartridge than the .50 Action Express used in .50 cal. models of the Desert Eagle.

Most powerful hand gun in the world?

Factory, I'd probably say the 500 Magnum

How powerful is a 357 magnum?

the .357 magnum is the 7th most powerful gun in the U.S. the ones above it starts at 500 smith and wesson,460 S&W,.50 action express,454 cassul, .44 magnum, 41 magnum, .357 magnm,ect

What is the strogest caliber hand gun?

.500 Smith & Wesson Magnum is the most powerful dedicated handgun cartridge. However, pistols such as Thompson-Center Contender are capable of chambering rifle cartridges such as .45-70 and .30-30.

What kind of gun is the most powerful?

Depends on what type of gun you are talking about. A pistol it is either .357 magnum or 44/40 Winchester which uses a rifle caliber size round in a six shooter for interchangeable use. Rifles would be 50 cal. m107 but the most effective round is a 416. The most powerful pistols are the Desert Eagle .50 caliber and the .500 Smith&Wesson

What is the biggest revolver?

Largest standard caliber is likely the S&W .500 Magnum, but revolvers HAVE been built in .600 Nitro Express.

Is the smith and Wesson 500 magnum the strongest handgun?

No, the .600 Nitro Express is more powerful. Also, there is a .700 Nitro Express round that is designed for a rifle, but there is one handgun that will fire it.

What is more powerful 357 or 40 caliber?

In order, it would go .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, and then .40 S&W. Actually, .357 magnum is almost always more powerful than .40. "Power" usually refers to muzzle energy. Muzzle energy of a .357 magnum ranges from 575 to almost 800 depending on the load, where .40 SW normally ranges from 425 to 525 at the most. .357 Sig ranges from a little over 500 to around 775, so it is comparable to the .40. Size of the cartridge or size of the bullet in the cartridge does not necessarily correlate directly to power. In other words, just because one cartridge is a larger caliber than another, doesn't not mean it is more powerful than the smaller one. It depends on several factors, such as cartridge specification, and the length of the barrel of the gun it is fired from.

What is the value of an S and W 357 Magnum 20yo or more?


Is a 40 caliber more powerful then 45 caliber handgun?

no, a 45 caliber is way more powerful than a 40 caliber Actually, it depends. The following is copied from another answer of mine: The muzzle energy from a .45 caliber round can vary between 350 to a little over 500 ft-lbs, with velocites from about 850 feet per second to over 1000 FPS. The .40 caliber round can range from about 480 to about 570 ft-lbs of energy with velocities ranging from about 1000 FPS to about 1400 FPS. So, in short, it depends on the specifications of the particular cartridges you are comparing.