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Q: Is a 17 year old pregnant female consireder an adult?
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What would happen if a 19 year old male got a 13 year old female pregnant in the state of Maryland?

He is an adult in the eyes of the law and will be charged, tried and sentenced.

Is a pregnant 16 year old female emancipated in North Carolina?

The ability to get pregnant does not make one an adult in the eyes of the law. It requires they show that they can take care of themselves and their child. It is not likely to happen.

Is a pregnant 18 year old considered emancipated in Indiana?

An 18 year old is considered an adult. The fact that they are pregnant does not matter.

How often can a female wolf get pregnant in a year?

3 times every year

In Kentucky is a 15 year old consider an adult if pregnant?


In Texas Can a 16 year old pregnant girl be considered an adult?


Can a female in high school at 17 year of age be an adult legally?

no 18 is legal adult for everyone

Can a 16 year. old guy get a 18 year. old girl pregnant?

No, definitely not. A 16 year old girl is not considered an adult wheather she is pregnant or not!

If you ran away with your 20 year old fiance and in a safe environment and two months pregnant can the law do something about it?

The most important part of this question is missing... how old is the pregnant female? If she is an adult, no, they cannot. If underage........ how old? It depends on the state laws.

Can 18 year old male teens get pregnant?

No, males can not get pregnant. Only females can get pregnant. However, you can get a female pregnant if you have sexual intercourse.

Is a 17 year female considered an adult in Indiana?

No, they are not considered an adult at 17. They must be 18 years old.

Can a Pregnant 16 year old moving out of parents home without permission?

No, being pregnant does not make one an adult.