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No, Walmart at this time is privately owned, not government owned here in the US. But of course cannot speak for other counties.

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Q: Is Walmart government owned
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Is Walmart privately owned or is it a non-profit or government owned?

Walmart is considered private sector because it is not owned by the government. It's a publicly traded company, but its still owned by private citizens.

Is Walmart private or what?

yes because it is owned by individuals and not state or federial government

Is Walmart a franchise?

No. Walmart stores are company owned.

Is walmart owned by china?


Is the Salvation Army owned by Walmart?

No, it is not.

Is circuitcity and walmart owned by the same company?


Is societe generale government owned?

societe generale bank is not government owned

What are the Cash requirements to have a Walmart franchise?

There's no such thing as a Walmart franchise. All their stores are company owned.

Are all of a company's stocks owned?

no they are not I mean look at walmart

What desert state is mostly owned by the government?

Nevada is mostly owned by the U.S. government.

Are drug addiction treatment centers in Canada owned by the government?

Drug addiction treatment centers in Canada are ,and are not owned by government. Government owns just a few of them. Most are not owned by the Canadian government.

Is the Atacama Desert government-owned?

Yes, the majority of the undeveloped land in the Atacama is government owned.