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Tomboys aren't like girly girls and they don't want to get with them it is just that girly girls and tomboys have different interest.

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Q: Is Tomboys likes girly girl or Tomboys like getting with girly girl?
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Do girly girls like tomboys?

Yea if you watch Icarly or Hannah Montana Lilly Or sam is tomboy Carly or Miley is girly Me and my bff are like that im kinda in the middle but im more tomboyish or just a girl they are lots of Girly girl and tomboys that are friends. Yeah. My best friend was a girly girl and I was a tomboy.

Does Justin Bieber like tomboys ot girly girls?

I think he like Girly Girls ( slutty girl kids ) I bet some girly girls hate him.

What will make a girl girly and what will make a girl into a tomboy?

Wearing girlish clothing, having good manners and etiquette, etc. makes a girl "girly." Tomboys usually like to do things boys would do, wear less girly clothing, etc.

Do boys like tomboys or girly girls more?

Depends on the guy and age, younger tomboy more likely, older; girly-girl (IMO)

Can a guy really like a tomboy whos also a girly girl?

Yes, guys LOVE tomboys because they can relate to them. They usually like them as friends and if they have a girly side to them, they might have a shot at love!

Does alex wolff like tomboys or girly girls?

i think he like any tip of girl that act like there self and not someone else

This guy asked me if i liked him and i said why do you like me and he said no but he acts like he likes me so what does that does that mean?

well it just depends if you are abnochous or quite them that's a different story.then lets say your quite, you just steal a peek at him don't stare too long just a peek.or if you are loud or abnochous then try calming down. then he might make a move to ask you out.if you are a girly-girl then don't be a girly girl whe he is around, like if he likes girly- girls then just be your selfalso if he likes tom girls or tomboys then like i said justv be your self~peaceout~

Is Amy in Nintendo DS a tomboy?

no. she portrays a girly girl, but she is tough and strong AND fast, but guess what. not all tomboys are tough, fast, strong, and aggressive.

Does Justin bieber like tomboys?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, and I take it you haven't, Justin Bieber is a lesbian. I don't know whether he prefers butch or lipstick best. Actually, he might also have a thing for androgynous.

Is Demi Lovato a tom boy or a girly girl?

Yes. she said that she turned Selena into a girly girl! I think she is kinda girly, it depends where you look.

Is Selena gomez a tomboy?

The previous answer says:Selena Gomez is a total girly girl and hates tomboys I find this answer very biased. You have no evidence that she HATES tomboys, neither do you have evidence to prove her to be a girly girl. Not saying that I can proof everything, but I personally feel that she is somewhere in the middle. She likes raps (Super Bass) , and it is certainly not what a 'girly girl' would do. She is also pretty girly. Even though the clothes she wear to performances are not entirely her choice, but it has her style too (which is pretty girly but not too over). Her casual clothes are definitely what girls would wear, but this does not mean she is a GIRLY girl. That just sounds too over, don't you think so? ;)