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No, Slim Fast is intended to help you balance your body by aiding your digestion (bowel movement) and supplying necessary nutrition.

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2010-09-11 21:49:14
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Q: Is Slim Fast supposed to make you pee a lot?
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What is the difference between Slim Fast Optima and the other Slim Fast products?

It is possible for one to find a lot of useful information about what the difference between Slim Fast Optima and the other Slim Fast products is at several online websites for an example wikipedia.

Should you stop drinking Slim Fast if you were diagnosed with metabolic syndrome?

Yes. Slim Fast is very unhealthy; it contains trans fat and a lot of sugar, both of which will make metabolic syndrome worse.If you compare the nutrient content of Slim Fast to that of milk, milk definitely wins. What's really funny is that even whole milk has fewer calories than the same amount of Slim Fast!

What is meant by the Slim Fast diet?

The slim fast diet revolves around a nutritional drink that you replace some of your meals with. It works faster if you exercise a lot with it, and drop calories.

What does you're body make slim?

Controlled healthy diet and lot of exercise will make your body slim. It also depends on your genes

What companies make weight loss shakes?

There are a lot of companies that make weight loss shakes. The most commonly known one is Slim Fast. Other brands that manufacture weight loss shakes are Quick Trim and Equate.

Where can I get information on diets that work fast?

One site that has a lot of information is Slim fast is another good diet that offers the potential to lose seven pounds in seven days.

Does the sentence As for me I like it a lot make sense?

yes. but there is supposed to be a comma after me.

Why does fast food have a lot of grease?

it can make you sick

How do you make mdma molly fast and easy?

You don't, you make it slowly with a lot of preparation.

How do you make your teeth white real fast?

try brushing a lot!

Urine smells basic like something burnt or coffee but you don't drink a lot of coffee?

It could be Slim Fast. The Cappucino one makes my pee smell funny

What diet will allow me to slim down fast?

Depending on your body and your lifestyle, some diets will help you slim down faster than others. Do you normally consume a large amount of meat? Then try reducing the meat. Do you consume a lot of carbs? Then try an all protein diet.

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