Is Slim Fast a good diet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO! Weight Watchers is better.

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Q: Is Slim Fast a good diet?
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Where can I go to get some information on a slim fast diet?

The Slim fast diet is an excellent way to kick start a diet. But before starting a diet please get advise from a Doctor. Heart is the Slim Fast website:

What are the principles of the Slim Fast Diet?

Simple.... Eat less, exercise more. Seriously. The body is a system where energy comes in and energy is spent. Food is our energy source. When food is consumed, the excess of our energy is stored as fat, and thus "weight gain" occurs. When there is more energy spent than what is taken in, the body must come to its stores of fat. The secret then is to hold down what comes in (diet) so there is less available for the body to store away on one hand, and on the other to cause the body to make that expenditure in stored energy by exercising. By keeping the balance towards net energy loss the body is forced to not only stop adding to its reserves but to start taking from it as well. Follow some below tips - Eat a high-protein breakfast Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice Drink water a half hour before meals Choose weight loss friendly foods Eat soluble fiber Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods Eat your food slowly

Where to get slim fast coupons?

Coupons for Slim Fast diet aids are available directly from the web site of Slim Fast. Another place to get Slim Fast coupons is at the website

Was Jennifer Aniston a spokesperson for slim fast?

Good question. I remember reading she was on The Zone Diet.

Does the Slim Fast diet really work?

Slim Fast is a good meal replacement option. It also works well if you are in a hurry and don't have much time to cook. You have to exercise with it though.

Can you drink vanilla slim fast on a no iodine diet?


Do you have to change your diet to take slim fast?


Who invented the slim fast diet?

Daniel Abraham, the 78 year-old fattened his wallet by helping others slim down. With only a high school diploma, this self made billionaire captured his initial fortune with the purchase of Thompson Medical in 1947 at the time the company had annual sales of $5000. Abraham sold the company 51 years later and claimed a $200 million profit. As the creator of Slim-Fast, one of the most successful weight loss programs ever, Abraham further fattened his own wallet. Now living a comfortable life in Palm Beach with his wife, Abraham who has 5 children is a generous and thoughtful philanthropist, donating to to a variety of causes, including Middle Eastern peace.

Is the Slim Fast diet effective?

The slim fast diet is one of the many diets out there that try to help you lose weight. If you want more information on this, visit: