Is Santa fake or true

Updated: 9/28/2023
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santa iz real

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Q: Is Santa fake or true
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Are the fake Santa in Britain?

No santa is not real ok?

Does Santa like it in the North Pole?

santa is fake

Is santa fake for adults?

For adults, Santa is not real.

Is santa fake?

No, Peyton, he's not.

Does Santa bring you anything you want?

No because there is no such thing as santa. He is a fake

Is Santa Claus is real or fake?

Santa Claus is the spirate of christmas

It is true that Felice offer second passport is true or fake?


How old were you when you learned Santa was a fake?


Are all tooth fairies fake?

The easter bunny,santa,and fairies are not real.

How many emails does Santa Claus receive each year?

no one. santa is FAKE.

Are parents wrong when they say Santa Claus is fake?

No they are not.

Is santa fake i think hes real?

he is real