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All pictures and photographs--of anyone--is just a representation of that person. The person is real, just like Santa Claus is real.

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Q: Is Santa Claus real pictures
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Is Santa a zombie?

First of all Santa Claus is not real, therefore Santa Claus could not be a zombie

When is santa Claus going to be at salmon run mall for pictures?

Never as he isnt real

Is. Santa real yes or no?

Santa Claus is real - YES he is real.

Is Santa Claus and his wife real?

Yes,Santa Claus and his wife is real.

When did Santa Claus get married?

Santa Claus is not a real person

When and where were the first pictures of Santa Claus Father Christmas etc?

There has been no photos. He is only real if you believe. You don't need to see w-hen you already believe in Santa Claus.

Was there ever a Santa Claus and is he alive?

Santa Claus is not real,he is a myth.

Is Santa Claus is real or fake?

Santa Claus is the spirate of christmas

Are there pictures of Santa Claus?

Well,only cartoon santa or santa dress-up!because santa is not real!Parents only say he is real , so their children can be good!JESUS IS REAL!FOR MORE INFO GO TO

Is Santa Claus real in France?

Yes, Virginia, there is a French Santa Claus.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

santa is real

Is the Santa Claus dollar real?

the santa claus dollar is real. if you were a million air than you will get a santa claus dollar. did you know that nobody has ever bought the santa claus dollar in the world! they stopped making them in 1946.