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paolo montalban married?

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Q: Is Paolo Montalban married or dating?
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Is paolo montalban married?

No but he has a girl friend of five years

Is brandy norwood married?

to paolo montalban yall lazy yall dont no that yall

Is paolo montalban gay?

I Dont know but i love him

Who is paolo montalban's girlfriend?

believe he is not married, but has a partner/girlfriend of almost 5 or 6 years who he lives with. also an Asian american broadway/film/tv actress.

What movie and television projects has Paolo Montalban been in?

Paolo Montalban has: Played Prince Christopher in "Cinderella" in 1997. Played Kung Lao in "Mortal Kombat: Conquest" in 1998. Played Raul in "American Adobo" in 2001. Played Sgt. Valera in "The Great Raid" in 2005. Played Sommelier in "Just Wright" in 2010. Played Paolo Montalban in "City of Dreams" in 2012. Played Dad in "Two Weeks" in 2012.

Is paolo nutini bi?

No, Paolo Nutini is dating his childhood sweatheart, and has been for while, Teri Brogan.

Is Paolo Nuttini dating any one?

Yes,he is dating with Teri Brogan.His childhood friend.

Is paolo gregoletto dating anyone?

yes he is... he has a girlfriend in Orlando, Florida

What is Luis Montalban's sexual orientation?

Luis Montalban is straight. He has had several girlfriends in the past and has been active in the dating scene. I don't think he is ready to commit just yet since he plans to finish his studies and focus on his career.

What actors and actresses appeared in Two Weeks - 2012?

The cast of Two Weeks - 2012 includes: Tina Chilip as Mom Crystal Chiu as Tina Paolo Montalban as Dad

Who is Maryse dating in 2011?

She is married to The Miz They are not married they arevjust dating

When did Madeline Montalban die?

Madeline Montalban died in 1982.

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