Is Mairead Nesbitt dating

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Mairead keeps her private life just that and it is inappropriate to pry on such matters in public. I know the whole deal about people want to know but the answer needs to come from her when and if she should decide to do so.

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Q: Is Mairead Nesbitt dating
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Is mairead nesbitt dating anyone?


Is mairead nesbitt a lesbian?

If you are talking about Celtic Woman's Mairead Nesbitt then no! I'm fairly certain she has a boyfriend.

Was Mairead nesbitt married at onetime?


Who made Mairead Nesbitt's violin?

your mom did it

When is mairead nesbitt birthday?

April 18th.

When was the year of Mairead Nesbitt born?

She was born in 1975

What color are Mairead Nesbitt's eyes?

They look green to me.

Does Mairead Nesbitt have any children?

yes he dose sorry.

What is the home address from Mairead Nesbitt?

WikiAnswers will not supply home addresses of celebrities.

Is mairead nesbitt married?

no she's not! She is to busy w/ the Celtic woman tours and other project she has and is doing! hope that helps!

Who is mairead nesbitt dating?

2011 I saw a picture of her holding some guys hand and walking with him (St pats) and she would mention I guy named duke spencer. I don't know if that's his real name (twitter) but i think they are dating.

Does Mairead Nesbitt live in Dublin Ireland?

No she in fact lives in a small town in county Wicklow called greystones