Is LEGO safe for small children?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, they have a LEGO duplo kind of set. If your child is less than three years old, you should get Lego duplo. If your child is less than a year old, you might want to get Lego quatro.

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Q: Is LEGO safe for small children?
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Is LEGO safe for kids?

Yes, they are safe for many children. Smaller children should get duplo sets.

How many chocking hazard because of Lego?

Almost all LEGO bricks are considered choking hazards for young children. An exception to this would be the LEGO Duplo bricks which are designed to be safe for young children.

Where is a safe place to order children's toys online?

A safe place to order children's toys online would be the lego store. Lego relates to all children ranging in many age groups. Each product is specifically designated for a certain age so each item is safe.

Are ATVs safe for small children?

IT depends on how the person driving the car is handling it.If the person is drunk, then no ATVs are not safe for small children, but if it is a good driver, then yes ATVs are safe for small children.

How are elements like Lego blocks?

Only for wee small children.

Are Lego's safe for children under age?

They are not, but if you have the baby under very close supervision, then it is safe. Duplo bricks are also safe for people every age.

Are plastic storage bins safe for small children?

Plastic storage bins are safe for small children to be around. They do not contain small parts that they can potentially choke on and do not pose a safety risk otherwise.

Are Lego toys appropriate for toddlers?

No Lego toys have small pieces and are not appropriate for babies and toddlers. They are intended for young children who can assemble and play with the various pieces.

Are Lego Indiana Jones toys dangerous for small children?

The manufacturer's minimum recommended age to use most of the Lego Indiana Jones toys is ages 6 and up due to small parts potentially causing choking hazard. It would therefore not be recommended to purchase these toys for small children.

What are the appropriate ages to play with the Lego castle?

The Lego castle has small parts that would be easy for small children to swallo. I would say that I wouldn't recommend it for children under 5. However, it really depends on when the child grows out of putting objects that are not food into their mouth.

Does LEGO's LEGO digital designer for creator send viruses?

No. Althought to be safe, you must download it from lego's site.

What ages is the LEGO City Mine suitable for?

Legos are best for children aged six and up so they know not to eat the small pieces and choke on them. Lego City Mine is best recommended for children ages six to twelve. These children would be the best to enjoy it fully.