Is Kristen stweart a lesbian

Updated: 9/28/2023
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no shes dating Robert Patterson

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Q: Is Kristen stweart a lesbian
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Are Kristen Stweart andRobert Pattenson getting married?

No they are not

Will kristen stweart still play bella when bealla becomes a vampire?


Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stweart?

yes hes going out with some girl named emiley

Who is Kristen Stewart's girlfriend?

Um, Kristen's not a lesbian. FYI.

Is Kristein Stweart And Robert Patteson Going Out For Real Not For Pablisit?

Yes Kristen and Robert have been going out since Twilight he asked her to marry him like 4 times...

Is Kristen Stewart a lesbiasn?

Lesbian: correct spelling. No, she has confirmed it. So no.

Is Robert pattinson sill dating Kristen stweart as of Feb15 210?

That's a really hard question ,i would say yes. Just wait till the BAFTA's we'll see what happens there.

Is Kristin Stweart going to be playing Bella in new moon cause i thought she wasnt?

Yes,Kristen Steward is going to play Bella in New Moon and i guess in the other films of twilight saga too....

What city in the south island which was a french settlement?


What kind of music does tony stweart listins to?

pop and jazz

Is kristeen stweart living with robret patinsin?

Learn how to spell.

What is tony stweart's real name?

Anthony Wayn Stewart is Tony's real name!!