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Yes she is it says in a magazine.


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Q: Is Kim kardashion pregnant
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Which kardashion is pregnant?

The sister of Kim Kardshion, Kourtney Kardashion "WAS" pregnant but had her baby already.

What is Kim kardashion number?

Kim Kardashion's number is nun of your buisness if she wanted you to have it she would have told you.

What age is kim kardashion?

40 as of 2020

What phone does kim kardashion have?

she has a Blackberry Bold.

Is Kim Kardashion Going out with Justin Bieber?

No, Kim says " We are just good friends".

Is kim kardashion datin Kanye West?

Yes they are dating

Did reggie bush and kim kardashion break up?

no they are still together

Is Kanye West dating kim kardashion?

yes people say they are dating

Is Kanye West a shark?

Nooo he is a famous singer who is dating kim kardashion

Can Armenian's date African American's?

Of course they can, look at Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashion.

Did kim kardashion have butt injection to make butt bigger?

Nah, she probably got it surgically attached.

Is Kim Kardashion married?

Yes Kim got married a few days ago. She looked amazing in a Veri Wang dress. She's married to a basket ball player. Congrads Kim :)