Is Katie price - Jordan bisexual?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes she claims to be bisexual, and she just said so on Graham Norton.

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Q: Is Katie price - Jordan bisexual?
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What age did Katie price become Jordan?

Katie Price became Jordan at 16 years old.

Who is more annoying Katie price or Jordan?

Jordan is more annoying.

What is the difference between Katie price and Jordan?

Katie is a mother and a business woman. Jordan is a Page 3 model.

Who is Sophie price?

She is Katie Price aka Jordan's younger sister.

How many TV programmes does Katie price have?

Katie was on I'm a Celebrity...get me out of here! Jordan gets even. Jordan:Living with a dream When Jordan met Peter Jordan and Peter:Laid Bare Jordan and Peter:magazine and Mayhem. Katie and Peter:Unleashed Katie and Peter:The Next Chapter Katie and Peter:Stateside What Katie did Next Katie

How Katie Price got the stage name of Jordan?

Katie just thought of it herself.

What is Katie prices nationality?

Katie Price (Also Known As Jordan) Is British!!!!

When did Jordan change her name back to Katie Price?

Jordan's real name was always Katie Price. Katie used the name Jordan as a type of alter-ego or stage name for the first few years while she worked as a glamour model.

How tall is Katie price aka Jordan?

She is 5'8 Katie alais Jordan is 5,7 5,8 along them lines Katie is 5"4, not close to 5"8 at ALL!

Is Katie Morgan bisexual?

It is not known whether Katie Morgan is bisexual.

How many copies did being Jordan sell by Katie price?

Being Jordan sold about 500,000 copies.

Why did Jordan change her name to Katie Price?

She didn't exactly change it legally it's a stage name. Though it's not used as often anymore!