Is Jeydon Wale a girl

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Jeydon Wale was born female but is mentally a boy. He used to admit to his fans that he was transgendered but when people started asking personal questions and insulting him, he stopped talking about it.

If you ask him "Are you a girl?" he will say no because on the inside he feels like a boy so he's not really lying. He really wants to be rapper or somebody big (as in known by millions worldwide) but people look down on transgenders which is why he's not saying anything right now.

He doesn't think it's important that he's transgender and I agree. You shouldn't be someone's fan because you think they're a hot guy. You should be their fan because you like what they do. Things aren't always what they seem. This person was born female. Just because someone looks like a guy doesn't mean they are one.

Yes Jeydon was born with a vagina but who cares? He's really brave to thrown himself out there in the spotlight and people should respect him for that. He's going to sell shirts to his fans to make money and when he does, he'll go on hormones and his voice will change. He'll really sound like a boy then because right now, it does sound like he's a girl making a deep voice.

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Q: Is Jeydon Wale a girl
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Who is jeydon wale's girlfriend?

Jeydon Wale appears to be dating a girl named Sam.

Does jeydon wale have a girl friend?


Who are Jeydon and Kyle Wale?

Jeydon and Kyle Wale are the same person. Jeydon Wale created the character of Kyle Wale.

Who is jeydon and hunter?

jeydon is jeydon wale and hunter is a imaginary person played by jeydon wale

What is jeydon wale's moms name?

Jeydon Wale's mom's name is Tina. Jeydon Wale is a YouTube star who has an alter ego named Hunter Wale.

When is Jeydon Wale's birthday?

Jeydon Wale was born on October 2, 1991.

What is jeydon wale's address?

Jeydon Wale's mailing address is not known. Jaydon is an entertainment who has a lot of videos on You Tube.

What city does Jeydon Wale live in Or state?

Jeydon Wale lives in Ontario, Canada.

Why does everybody say jeydon wale is a girl?

Because he was born a girl. But he's a transgender boy now.

Who is jeydon wale's biggest fan?

Rhiannon Bryce, she is the BIGGEST jeydon wale fan in the whole intire world! :)

How old is Jeydon Wale?

Jeydon Wale (not birth name) is 26 years old (born October 2, 1991).

What difference is there between jeydon wale and kyle wale?

yes jeydon wale has a lip piercing on the left side and kyle/hunter has a liup piercing on the right!<3