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yes,she is a girly girl

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Q: Is Jedaiah Astin a girl
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When did Jedaiah ben Abraham Bedersi die?

Jedaiah ben Abraham Bedersi died in 1340.

When was Jedaiah ben Abraham Bedersi born?

Jedaiah ben Abraham Bedersi was born in 1270.

Are Sean astin and skylar astin related?

Sean Astin and Skylar Astin are not related to one another. Skylar Astin is an American actor and singer. Sean Austin is also an American actor but he is much older than Skylar.

What is the birth name of Alexandra Astin?

Alexandra Astin's birth name is Alexandra Louise Astin.

What is the birth name of John Astin?

John Astin's birth name is John Allen Astin.

What is the birth name of Mackenzie Astin?

Mackenzie Astin's birth name is Mackenzie Alexander Astin.

What is the birth name of Skylar Astin?

Skylar Astin's birth name is Skylar Astin Lipstein.

Are Sean Astin and Alexandra Astin related?

yes, that is his daughter

Who are Sean Astin's parents?

Patty Duke and John Astin

When was Alexander Astin born?

Alexander Astin was born in 1932.

When was Christine Astin born?

Christine Astin was born in 1970.

How tall is John Astin?

John Astin is 5' 11".