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They where dating for about 4 months but have now broke up.

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Q: Is Holly Madison dating Chris Angel?
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Who is Holly Madison dating?

She is dating Criss Angel. But she broke up with him in Feb 2009.

Is criss angel really dating Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend holly Madison?

Yes, Holly Madison dumped Heff because he couldn't have children and holly has always wanted a family, and is now dating illusionist criss angel

Is criss angel currently dating?

He was dating Holly Madison but they broke up last week

Does Chris Angel have a girlfriend?

Yes his girlfriend is Holly Madison from "The Girls Next Door".

Is Holly Madison dating?


Did holly Madison dating criss angel?

they said online that criss broke up with holly madisonbecause she did not like to be at the mindfreak showsso yah i suppose that they are not going out any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU CRISS ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOUCRISSANGEL

Who is Holly Madison?

Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends. You can see her on the reality show, "The Girls Next Door" currently airing on E! but they broke up and now she is dating criss angel

Is Jack Barakat still dating Holly Madison as of 2011?

Yes, they are still dating.

Is criss angel with holly Madison?

He was, but not anymore. They recently broke up.

Did Criss Angel break up with Holly Madison?

yah because holly was just a ho to every bodyi hate her

Does criss angel use condoms?

Who knows? That is a question to ask Holly Madison if you are that curious.

Is holly a nice name?

yes it is a beautiful name like holly Madison Hugh hefner's previous girlfriend and criss angel's current girlfriend