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Yes... Love and fear love each other because they both care, Love and fear are the only two emotions all others are our brain.

Love and fear are true soul mates...


...? All the emotions you can possibly have would be considered to care about something.

Fear and love are opposites. Turquoise and red. Black and white. Opposites.

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"Fear and love" typically refers to a contrast in emotions or motivations. While fear can sometimes be intertwined with love due to vulnerability or attachment, it is not considered a healthy or sustainable form of love. True love is characterized by respect, trust, compassion, and support.

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Q: Is Fear and Love true love?
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True Love has no Logic only fear true or false?

True...You can't put true love into logic, however you can put fear into true love as fear cares. You really shouldn't let logic control love!

Why do you fear of love?

there is no fear of love, but fear of losing love.

What is the fear of love?

Fear of Love is fear of being vulnerable and out of control!

Fear of love play - what is love play?

fear of love play - Malaxophobia or Sarmassophobia

Do men in love feel fear that there wives will leave them even though they act tough?

Yes, but the man should be in true love

Can a person have fear and belief too?

Normally a person with 'fear' will seek refuge in 'belief'. If that 'belief ' can generate love, then the fear will lessen. Where there is fear, there is no love. Likewise, where there is love, there is no fear.

How do you get rid of fear using the bible?

By showing love. 1John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

Mutual fear is the principal link in the chain of mutual love?

When individuals share fears and vulnerabilities, it can foster deeper connections and a sense of understanding between them. This shared vulnerability can lead to the development of empathy, trust, and ultimately, love between people. This mutual understanding of each other's fears can strengthen bonds and create a sense of unity.

How do you know that your true love is not cheating on you with your best friend?

True Love, REAL True Love has alot to do with faith. Faith that you will be true to the one you love and that person will be true to you. If you do not have faith that your love is being true to you, can it be "True Love"?

What is the difference of true love to great love?

if you find your true love you will have great love.

What is sharing in a relationship?

While I give to you, and you give to me True love, true love.. So on, and on, it will always be True love, true love For you and I have a guardian angel On high, with nothing to do. Love forever, true.

What phobia is afraid to be love?

The fear of love is Philophobia.