Is Facebook watching you

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, it's peeking through your windows . . . =P

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Q: Is Facebook watching you
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Who is watching your photos on Facebook?

Anyone can see your photos on facebook unless you pick "Friends Only" when you post them (as opposed to "Everyone" which is automatically checked).

Is there an online app for watching how your Facebook page looks like for other Facebook users that have not 'friended' you?

No there isn't. You can view it if you create another facebook account and not become friends with your original account.

Do people hate Facebook?

You don't have to ask if people likes facebook. Just look at what they open on the internet. You'll find out [it's as simple as watching the television].

How do you put YouTube videos on Facebook?

If you're watching the video on YouTube, look under the video, but above the comments, for the word "Share" (it is in blue). Click on that then click on "facebook".

How do you get to see who is looking at your profile on facebook?

You Can add an application called who is watching you where you can see who has viewed your profile lately.

How can you see who is watching your profile in Facebook?

You cannot see who is veiwing your profile on facebook as of yet. However all applications that appear to be the real thing turn out to be viruses....The best thing to do is only have people on your facebook that you dont mind veiwing your profile Xx

Who invented Facebook for spies?

The person who invented facebook for spies was some guy who sat on his couch watching TV so long the couch turned into his skin then he ate the couch and blew up.

How do you get someones facebook login?

What u do is you watch the pearson as they put there faccebook login in and dont let them know u are watching them

Who is viewed your Facebook?

There's no way to tell who's viewed your profile unless you're sitting next to the person and watching him/her do so.

How do you increase the screen size in facebook?

You can always increase the size of the webpage that you are watching pressing CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel up.

Can the person doing the live videos using Facebook see me watching it?

No - you would need to be using your own webcam in order for them to see you too !

What game are fun for seven year old?

umm u could try playing cards, mancala, braiding hair, going on facebook, watching tv.