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Q: Is Exchanging saliva during kiss leads to pregnancy?
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Does UTI leads to infertility?

No, but a UTI during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm labor.

Can smooching lead to pregnancy -?

Smooching can lead to sex that leads to pregnancy, but smooching alone will not make you pregnant.

What leads to teen pregnancy?

Unprotected Sexual Intercourse, of the breaking of a condom

Can kissing on lips to lips leads to pregnancy?

No not just from kissing on the lips. But it could lead to intercourse which yes can lead to pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of dowry system?

The Dowry System leads to unplanned pregnancy.

Is it ok to just stick in and pull out?

NO! The withdrawal method leads to pregnancy and possible STDs!

Which circumstances most leads mama to go out and buy a house?

Ruth’s pregnancy (apex)

What circumstances most leads Mama to go out and buy a house in A Raisin in the Sun?

Ruth's pregnancy

Is bright red bleeding during 6 weeks pregnancy leads to miscarriage?

It is not uncommon to bleed during the first weeks of pregnancy. Often it will settle, or it may continue on to a miscarriage, and the bleeding become heavier and be accompanied by cramps. To be on the safe side, take it easy, and see a doctor if it seems to be more than just a small amount, is increasing, or you develop a fever.

Can kissing and being close leads to pregnancy?

Only sperm entering the vagina and fertilising the egg can get you pregnant.

Will lip kiss leads to pregnancy?

No! It is not possible to get pregnant by kissing.

Can touching of your wife breast after childbirth leads to no pregnancy?

Touching or not touching her breasts will not affect her ability to get pregnant at all.