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There is no true answer to this queston, but u can make opinions below if u wish to vote....


1. I really think Halloween is better than Christmas, but that's just my opinion.

I think Christmas is better than Halloween because in Christmas it is all about the angels and Halloween is celebrating the devil. And In Christmas it is a new year and you spend time with family.

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Q: Is Christmas better than Halloween
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Is cristmas better than Halloween or is Halloween better than cristmas?

In my opinion Christmas is better than Halloween. This is because we share Christmas with loved ones and it almost feels magical! I also like Halloween but I do think Christmas wins down :)

Is Halloween better then Christmas?

It is different. One is religious and the other is pagan.

Which holiday is more successful than Halloween?


Where can I find pictures of Christmas decorations during Halloween?

Several magazines provide spreads of Christmas decorations during Halloween. You can check out the new HGTV magazine, Oriental Trading, or Better Homes and Gardens.

Did native Americans celebrate Christmas and Halloween?

The Native Americans did not celebrate Christmas or Halloween. The early colonists did not celebrate Halloween either, and most did not celebrate Christmas.

Anyone know what kind of outdoor decorations for christmas & halloween?

You could use white lights for both, though better choices would be orange and black for Halloween - white would be okay. You could create a Scarecrow for Halloween, then dress him as Santa for Christmas. That would be creative.

In the Nightmare Before Christmas what character tries to turn Christmas into Halloween?

Its Jack Skelington and he wants to turn Halloween into Christmas.

should i drop the christmas ball decorations for halloween to scare kids or save them for christmas?

Dropping glass Christmas ball decorations on halloween to scare kids may seem like a fun idea, but in the end, you will have a huge mess to pick up. Better save the Christmas ball decorations to put on your Christmas trees.

Is there a Christmas special and a Halloween special of shrek?

Yes. There is a Christmas special and a Halloween special of Shrek.

What is the first commercially successful holiday?

Christmas makes more money than Halloween.

How can I re-use halloween decorations for Christmas?

There are a lot of Halloween items that you can reuse for your Christmas decorations. For example, if you used candles as part of your Halloween festivities, these can add to a very tasteful Christmas setting.

What is the difference between Halloween and Christmas?

Presents, giving and Jesus Christ = Christmas Candy and costumes = Halloween