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I hope she is leasbian

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Q: Is Celtic women Lynn hillary a lesbian?
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Is Lynn colliar a lesbian?

yes she is.

What is Celtic Womans real name?

Contrary to the name, Celtic Woman is actually a group comprised of five women; Alex Sharpe, Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Lynn Hilary, and Mairead Nesbitt.

Is Amy Lynn grover a lesbian?


Who are the women who made a difference?

Queen Cleopatra, Mary Wollstonecraft, Susan B. Anthony, Lynn Margulis, Hillary Clinton, just to name a few.

Who are the members of Celtic woman?

The group known as Celtic Woman are actually five women. At one time they were: Alex Sharpe, Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Lynn Hilary, and Mairead Nesbitt. Mairead is the fiddle player. The others have changed periodically. This configuration is not the current make up of the group. Lynn (and perhaps Alex) are not performing with the group any longer.

Sue and Lynn marched for womens' or women's or women rights when they were in Washington DC?


Who are the Celtic woman?

The Celtic woman is a group of woman that perform Celtic and traditional music. They are actually really famous :) The Singers Are: Present: Lisa Kelly Chloe Agnew Lisa Lambe Mairead Nesbitt (Violinist) Former: Lynn Hilary Alex Sharpe Hayley Westenra Meav Orla

What has the author Lynn Clark written?

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What has the author Kathryn Lynn Davis written?

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What is the meaning behind the name Rosslyn?

The name Rosslyn can traditionally be a combination of Rose (flower) and Lynn. Lynn in Spanish can be an abbreviation of Linda which means beautiful. It can also be a lake or a waterfall. In Celtic history, Rosslyn would mean 'the waterfall over the edge'.

What has the author Alice Lynn Ahmuty written?

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What is the origin of the name Lynn?

I believe it to be from the Celtic 'Lenn', meaning a lake, as there was a very large salt water lake where the Great Ouse now runs. It could be from Linn which in Irish means a pool or a lake, but it could also be a form of O' Lynn (Flynn)