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As far as I know Brittany Daniel is not pregnant.

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Q: Is Brittany Daniel pregnant
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What is Brittany Daniel's birthday?

Brittany Daniel was born on March 17, 1976.

When was Brittany Daniel born?

Brittany Daniel was born on March 17, 1976.

Who is cousin penny from that 70s show?

The actress is Brittany Daniel

How old is Brittany Daniel?

Brittany Daniel is 41 years old (birthdate: March 17, 1976).

Does Brittany Daniel have kids?

does brittney daniel have kids

Why did Brittany Daniel leave The Game?

reduced schedule

She played in white chicks and the game?

Brittany Ann Daniel

Who played kelly in a show called The Game?

Brittany Daniel

Who played joe dirt's girlfriend in the movie?

Brittany Daniel

What are the release dates for The Daily Show - 1996 Brittany Daniel 5-123?

The Daily Show - 1996 Brittany Daniel 5-123 was released on: USA: 12 April 2001

Who plays the blond girl in the movie joe dirt?

David spade, Brittany Daniel, Dennis miller kid rock also plays in the movie.

Is Brittany off of glee pregnant in season 2?