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yes she is currently dating porn star Stacey Briana Bernstein

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Q: Is Bridget regan a lesbian
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What is Bridget Regan's birthday?

Bridget Regan was born on February 3, 1982.

When was Bridget Regan born?

Bridget Regan was born on February 3, 1982.

When was Bridget Regan - musician - born?

Bridget Regan - musician - was born in 1975.

Bridget Regan's husband Dave is Known for What?

Being Bridget Regan's husband.

Is david king married to Bridget regan?

No, Bridget Regan is married to Eamon O'Sullivan.

What is Bridget Regan's husband's name?

Bridget Regan the "Actress" of Legend of the Seeker fame, is NOT married. The Musician Brigget Regan of "Flogging Molly" IS.

Is Bridget regan has a boyfriend?

No, Bridget Regan does not have a boy friend she has a husband. They got married in Toyko, Japan

How old is Bridget Regan?

US actress Bridget Regan is 35 years old (birthdate: February 3, 1982).

Is Bridget regan single?

Bridget Regan is an American actress, best known for her role on Sex and the City. She is married to Eamon O'Sullivan.

How much does Bridget regan weigh?


Who is the father of Bridget Regan's daughter?


Where does Bridget regan live?

burlington VT