Is 37 day cycle is a normal period or irregular?

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Depends...per WebMD (, "The menstrual cycle is measured from the first day of menstrual bleeding, Day 1, up to Day 1 of your next menstrual bleeding. Although 28 days is often cited as the "regular" cycle length, only 15% of women actually have such a cycle." * A teen's cycles tend to be long (up to 45 days), growing shorter over several years. * Between ages 25 and 35, most women's cycles are regular, generally lasting 21 to 35 days. * Around ages 40 to 42, cycles tend to be the shortest and most regular. This is followed by 8 to 10 years of longer, less predictable cycles until menopause.

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Q: Is 37 day cycle is a normal period or irregular?
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How many weeks pregnant are you if you three days late from your period?

4 weeks and 3 days as long as you have a normal 28 day menstrual cycle. It could be less if you have an irregular ovulation cycle.

What should you do if you only had a one day period?

If its your first period or your irregular its normal but if your not irregular it might just be spotting go to the doctor just in case.

When is your ouvlation after your period?

You normally get ovulation on day 14 of your period, when you have monthly cycle of 28 days. You have ovulation on day 16, when you have monthly cycle of 30 days. You can not predict the same with irregular monthly cycles.

Is it normal to have your period for 2 days only every cycle?

Yes. A period as short as one day is considered normal.

Can you still ovulate if you only have a 3 day period?

An irregular cycle can be a signal of no ovulation, but genarally speaking, you ovulate every time you have a period.

What if you have your period it stops after three days and start back the next day?

If a person has their period for three days and it starts back the next day, it means that there was a pause in their cycle. This is common amongst women who have an irregular cycle.

When is ovulation period in women?

For those with a regular period, ovulation normally occurs on day 14 of the cycle with day 1 being the first day of bleeding. This is not an exact science, but merely an estimation. Ovulation can occur during other days of the cycle especially if the period is irregular.

When you do calulate your last period to the next?

The first day of your period is day 1 of your cycle, you count from this day up until your next period - this is one cycle. You should calculate the average of your last 6 cycles; add together cycle lengths from your last 6 months then divide by 6 to get your average. Web sites or phone apps can do this for you. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different and up to a weeks difference from your average menstrual cycle is completely normal. It's worth noting that irregular cycles are normal throughout your teens, and things such as ill health, stress, or some medications can effect your cycles. Learning to recognise changes in your body throughout your cycles can help you determine when your period is due, even if your cycles are irregular.

If my period is irregular by FIVE oR SIX days would that alter when you ovulate?

Yes. But you need to know that not every woman has a 28 day cycle. That is just the "average." I know women who have 30 day, 27 day, 42 day and other day cycles. It is just what is normal for you.

If your due date is Jan28 when did you conceive?

Your date of conception is most likely May 8th. This is based on a 28 day cycle so this is not 100% accurate especially if you have an irregular period. The reason for this is your doctor usually measures your due date based on the first day or your last period. If your period is irregular it is not accurate because then the day that you ovulate is also irregular, therefore the day that you can conceive is not the same as someone who has a regular period.

What would you have if you had your period every other week had headaches and sleep a lot?

Sometimes periods get irregular or develop a strange cycle. You should see your doctor because it can develop into anemia. Docs can prescribe meds to get your period back to a 25 day to 32 day cycle instead of a 14-16 day cycle.

If you are expecting your period and you have a 28-day regular cycle is it normal to feel pains in you nipples?


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