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Ideal weight for a 19-year-old 5'9" male is around 139-176 pounds, depending on the male's frame. The average weight is 152 pounds. 180 pounds is a little heavy.

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Q: Is 180 pounds a normal weight for a ninteen year old male that is 5'9''?
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What is a normal weight for a 5' 10 19-year-old male?

The normal, healthy weight for a male who stands 5 feet 10 inches tall is between 132 pounds and 167 pounds. Obesity for this height starts at 209 pounds.

What is the normal weight of 5'8 male?

normal according to the body mass index for 5'8" is 125 pounds to 158 pounds. . . if you are an athlete more of your weight is probably muscle so what is normal may be heavier.

Im 5'5 130 pounds and a male Is that normal?

As a male that is 5'5 and weighs 130 pounds, you are in the normal range for your height.

I am a 12 year old male 5'4 and 112 pounds is this normal?

No. Being a 12-year-old male is not normal. Seriously, you're taller than average for your age but in the normal height range and your weight is in the normal range for your height.

What is the normal weight of a person age 25 with 5'5 height?

Male: 137-148 Female: 127-141 in pounds

What is the male white tigers weight?

500 or more pounds (225kg) but the average weight for a male is 250 pounds (110kg)

What is a male African elephants weight in pounds?

8000 pounds

If you are 20-years-old 5' 8 and weight 230 lbs is that normal for your age?

For a male of your height a health weight would be no more than 180 pounds. For a female of your height a health weight would be no more than 165 pounds.

What is the ideal weight of a male Border Collie?

my full grown male border collie weighs 20kg, he is 22 inches tall at the shoulder. Normal weight will differ for gender, age, and height of the dog, but should be around 35-35 pounds (14-20 kg) for males and 27-42 pounds (12-19 kg) for females.

What is the normal weight for 5'5?

Male is anywhere from 122 - 150 lbs. Female is anywhere from 113 - 138 lbs.

You are 13 weigh 121 and have a height of 54 would that be considered normal?

Depending on sex its not normal, for women it is slightly overweight and by about 21 pounds max. For a male its normal but still not healthy, especially since the male should be behind the female in puberty growth and etc. He would be about 21 pounds max. overweight. But overall 100 pounds is the average healthy weight for that size. -Dikarius

How much does a male mongoose weight?

300 pounds