Is 150 fps good

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It depends really. First off if you are doing CQB's (close quarter battles), it would be OK. Also what BB's you are using? I recommend .20 but nothing less than that. Anything under that is HORRIBLE. So it depends what you like but it is OK. I also would buy an 345fps to 400fps or anything in the 300's if you can. Oh, 150fps is pretty good for a pistol but mabey not an atomatic. Hope this helps!

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Q: Is 150 fps good
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How fast is 150 fps?

Approximately 102.3 mph at 150 feet per second.

A good airsoft gun that is electric semi autofull auto that goes atleast 250 fps PLEASE?

For 260 FPS and $70.00 get a BE XM8 off of For 330-350 FPS and about $150, get a Classic Army Sportline M-15A4 (M-16)

What is the fps of a Crosman as pulse m74 duel power mini?

It's rated at 150 FPS See the link below for the owners manual.

What is the slowest air soft bullet speed?

It's right around 150 FPS.

Is a 150 fps airsoft gun good?

depends on what you want to do, how heavy the bb is, and what kind of gun it is. i prefer assault rifles to be at least 375 fps with .12g bbs. i would use .25g though. with snipers i like at least 500 fps with .12g but i use .28g. pistols should be 275 or more and use .20. the heavier the bb, the more accurate. let me know what you're looking for and i could help you out

Is the aftermath stunt 998 co2 airsoft pistol good?

Yes it is. It has 410 FPS and It shoots 150 feet. Be careful at close range though. It can make people bleed.

What is a good fps for snipers?


How fast does a win mag 300 shoot?

a 150 grain bullet shoots 3290 fps

What is a low fps for bb guns?

For an air/piston powered .177 BB gun - anything less than 200 feet per second (fps) For a CO2 powered BB gun - anything less than 300 fps. For an "AIR SOFT" gun - anything less than 150 fps.

What is a good free fps for PC?


What is the lowest FPS on a airsoft gun?

I believe it is about 150 fps. Which you can find on "Mini Electric " rifle. They have a - 1:3 Scale size and come in full auto. These are so much fun to use.

What is a good fps for softair guns?

For a spring gun, a normal fps would be from 200-280 For an electric gun, a normal fps would be from 300-400 For a gas gun, a normal fps would be from 300-500