Is 1.6g the same as 14g belly bar?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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14 gauge is the standard (most commonly used) gauge for belly rings. The thickness of the post that goes through the piercing is measured as 1.6mm in the metric system.

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Q: Is 1.6g the same as 14g belly bar?
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If the screw ends of both the septum piercing and the industrial bar are the same size then the screws may work. The only way to know is to try.

Is a normal sized earring the same size as a normal sized lip piercing?

No! Check with the piercer to see what gauge ur lip bar is .... mine is 16g

Can you use an eyebrow ring for a navel ring?

The eye brow ring is the appropriate size and gauge for the eye brow it's going into, navel rings and sized for the navel they are going into. You should see a professional body piercer and quit messing around before you hurt yourself.

How do you know if your belly bar is growing out?

when your belly bar is growing out you will be able to see nost of the bar and the curve in the bar would be shown from the outside of the navel.

Can you peirce your belly button with a belly bar?

I got mine pierced about 2 months ago, they do'nt actually use a belly bar to pierce it, they clamp it, then shove this stick thing through then pull that out and put the belly bar in.

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