Is terence Lewis married

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes he is married

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Q: Is terence Lewis married
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Is Terence Lewis married to Shayana Swamy?

Yes they are.

Is terence Lewis choreographer married?

No at present he is not married and not even dating anyone.

What nicknames does Terence Lewis go by?

Terence Lewis goes by Terry.

When was terence Lewis born?

Terence Lewis was born on 1935-12-29.

Who is terence Lewis?

Terry lewis

How old is Terence Lewis?

India dancer Terence Lewis is 42 years old (born April 10, 1975).

When was Terence Lewis - choreographer - born?

Terence Lewis - choreographer - was born on 1975-04-10.

What is terence lewis' mobile number?

what is terence lewice mobile number

Where does terence Lewis live?


Is choreographer Terence Lewis gay?


Is terence Lewis is a Hindu?

no ways he is catholic

Is terence Lewis engaged?

No....he not engage but marry....