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Try making sure it's charged first or try the reset feature first. If there really is a problem with it but it's jailbroken, the apple warranty is immediately gone and apple most likely will not fix it.

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Q: Ipod touch wont turn on and it's Jailbroken but still has warranty on it Will Apple Say Anything If They Decide to Fix it About It Being Jailbroken?
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Do you have to use AT and T for the iPhone?

Yes, unless it is "jailbroken" which is a violation of Apple's warranty. I wouldn't recommend jailbreaking it.

Can apple see that you have jailbroken your ipod?

No, but as long as you restore it if it has a problem, then apple can't see that you have jailbroken it.

Is there any hacks for the iPad?

There are many. The iPad must be 'jailbroken'. Jailbroken iPads are vulnerable to exploits, viruses and poorly written apps that can affect the iPad's stability or performance. Doing this may also affect your Apple warranty.

Can an Apple iPad be Jailbroken?

Yes it can.

Does apple cover laptop repair in their warranty, even if it is your fault?

As long as you are still under warranty and didn't do anything to void that warranty your repair should be covered by Apple. Make sure you read your warranty.

Can you bring a jailbroken to the apple store?

Yes, you can bring a jailbroken iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. into the Apple store and get it checked out. They 99% will give you a new product.

Will Apple fix a 3rd Generation v.3.1.3 iPod touch touch Screen not under warranty if it is jailbroken?

I am not sure if they will fix them if it isn't under warranty, because I had a Sansa and we had to by a new one because the waranty expired. till I would ask Apple if they willl fix it, and if not you can get a cheap one from apple for $150. Type in refurbished Ipod Touch in the search window. I wish you the Best of LuckOkay. Cuz i know if you buy a Nintendo DS or something Nintendo will take it in and fix it or give you a new one, even if it's not under warranty, for like $50 or something, and I was wondering if Apple would do that to, even for Jailbroken iPod Touches. I hear that the warranty will be voided if you jailbreak your iPod. However, if they DO fix them without a warranty (getting the fix for free), then I should be able to send it in and they would have to repair it jailbroken or not. However, I'd rather not risk my chances, because a buddy of mine did that and Apple kept the iPod Touch and refused to repair it UNDER the warranty. I'll try to do it myself using one of those how-to videos. Anyways, thanks for your help.

Does apple fix jailbroken ipod touch?

No. Jailbreaking an iPod Touch voids your warranty. If you send them the device anyway Apple will be able to detect that you have jailbroken your device and refuse to repair it. Wrong, jailbreaking an ipod touch became legal a long time ago... and with my research i can prove that if apple refuses to fix it, you can sue them and you will most likely win. sooo yeah that doesnt ruin ur warrenty

Is it possible to replace the speakers in my iPod touch?

Anything to do with Apple products should be taken back to Apple to be fixed, if it is still under warranty it may be free of charge, if not then the repair will be under warranty.

Does jailbreaking your device do anything bad to it?

If it is an iTouch, iPod, etc, you cannot take it to an Apple store to get fixed, updated, etc. as they do not accept jailbroken devices.

Do you keep your warranty after removing jailbreak?

Assuming you are referring to an iPhone, yes. Once the phone has been restored to a stock firmware (removing the jailbreak), there is no way to tell that the iPhone has ever been jailbroken, and no way to tell that your warranty has been voided, so Apple will be happy to take it in.

What do you do if the Home button on your iPod Touch won't work?

Try turning it off and on again. If nothing works after that, take it to an Apple Genius at your local Apple Store by setting up an appointment online on Apple's website. If you had your iPod for less than a year and it is not jailbroken, the warranty will cover the replacement of a new iPod Touch.