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it was fist decoverd in the year1892

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Q: In what year was Christmas declared a federal holiday?
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What year was Christmas first declared a U.S. national holiday?

Christmas wasn't declared a federal holiday in the USA until June 26, 1870.

What year was the fourth declared federal holiday?

In 1776 the 4th of July was declared a federal holiday.

What year was Christmas made a federal holiday in America?

june 26 1870

How many US national holidays fall in between Christmas and New Year?

The United States has no "national holidays". Congress can only designate holidays for federal facilities. If you consider that Christmas is December 25 and New Year is January 1, the only times you will have a federal holiday between the two (from Dec 26 through Dec 31) will be when Christmas and New Year fall on the weekend. For example, in 2016, Christmas was on Sunday so the Federal Holiday was observed on December 26. When New Year falls on a Saturday, the Federal Holiday would be observed on Friday, December 31. When the two holidays fall on a weekday, that day is the federal holiday, so there is no federal holiday between the two in those instances.

What is your favorite holiday of the year?

Its people's opinions about their favorite holiday. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

What is the last holiday of the year?

Christmas is the last holiday of the year.

What year was Labor Day declared a holiday?


What comes after Christmas?

New Year's Day is the next holiday after Christmas.

Is new year's eve a federal holiday?

No, it is not a legal holiday. New Year's Day, January 1st, is a holiday.

What is the best holiday in the year?

Most people consider Christmas to be the best holiday of the entire year.

In what year was thanksgiving officially made a holiday?

1799 was declared

In what year was Valentine's Day declared an official holiday?