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Cholesterol is a type of fat. Cholesterol is found in all animal tissues. As long as you keep your daily cholesterol intake between 200-400 milligrams, you should be fine.

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Q: In what food or types of food is cholesterol found?
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What major types of lipid are found in the plasma membranes?

Phospholipids, cholesterol, & glycolipids.

Would a high cholesterol diet make my cholesterol get to high?

Depending on the types of food that you eat, you may or may not have high cholesterol. If you're not sure about how much cholesterol is in the food you eat, either check the labeling or ask the manager of the restaurant for information regarding the food's cholesterol.

What is good cholesterol and what types of food contain it?

Since cholesterol is most likely to affect the heart, your best resource will come from the American Heart Association. All your questions about "good" and "bad" cholesterol can be found at under the tab titled 'Conditions'.

Is cholesterol found in our blood?

Yes. There are two types HDL and LDL.

Is cholesterol found only in food constituents of purely animal origin?


What are some no cholesterol foods?

Cholesterol is found in the cell membranes of animal tissue so any food that is made entirely of plant products only is a no cholesterol food. Whole grains like oats can actually help remove cholesterol.

Does corn contain cholesterol?

no, foods derived from plants contain NO cholesterol. Only animal-based foods contain cholesterol because of their fats.

Do you need to eat certain foods in order to get enough cholesterol?

Most people already have passed the needed amount of cholesterol. Food like broccoli can lower cholesterol, but no one wants to raise cholesterol. Cholesterol is a type of fat usually found in greasy food items and potato chips.

Is benzoylecgonine found in any types of food or medicines?

Is benzoylecgonnie found in any types of food or medicines

What is cholesterol made of?

Cholesterol is a substance that comes from two sources-your body and food. Your liver, makes all the cholesterol you need and circulates it through the blood. But cholesterol is also found in animals, such as meat, poultry and dairy products

What are the cholesterol types?

well there are two types of cholesterol:1) LDL (Low - density cholesterol) which is bad cholesterol2) HDL (high- density cholesterol) which is good cholesterol and it helps get rid of LDL

What are the types of surgery for cholesterol?

There are no types of surgery for high cholesterol, but there are drug medications that may help.