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Q: In the early days of slavery in America farm units were generally small and self-contained.?
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What were the differences of the 13 colonies in early America?

trade and slavery. also religion

What is religious abolitionism?

Christians and Quakers were very involved with the abolitionist movement in early America to abolish (end) slavery in America.

Characteristics of early colonial life in North America included?

Early colonial life in North America had a number of characteristics. These include farming, slavery, as well as religion.

What groups split between The Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise splits the early America into the South (where slavery is upheld) and the North ( Where slavery is banned)

What was the biggest issue dividing America in the early 1830?

The biggest issues were equality,slavery, and syffrage

In Colonial America the spread of what industry is most often associated with the early development of slavery?


In Colonial America the spread of which industry is most often associated with the early development of slavery?


In the 1700s and early 1800s the plantation system and slavery grew in america. but why?

The invention of Eli Whitney's "Cotton Gin" expanded the plantation system and slavery.

Which states allowed slavery in early America?

the answer is Texas, louisisana, Mississippi, Georgia,Virginia,South Carolina

How did America benefit from the slave trade?

Much of the economy of the early US, especially the southern states, depended on slavery.

What nations in the early part of the nineteenth century had legalized slavery?

Slavery was legal in both the United States and Great Britain in the first years of the nineteenth century. It was also legal in parts of South America.

What are examples of migration and immagration in early America land religion money pioneer spirit indetured servitude displacement and slavery?

they left for FASHION ECONOMY

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