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Q: In response to India's testing of nuclear weapons many countries including the US declared against India?
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When was Jihad declared against the United States?

Jihad was declared against the United States only when they started attacking; or helping to attack; Islamic countries. Refer to related question below.

Did the Jews go to war against Egypt and other countries in 1948?

Egypt and other countries declared war against Israel, which was made mostly of Jews, so, YES, but Israel did not declare war on them.

What countries fought against Germany and Australia-Hungary during world war 1?

Many countries declared war, but here are some countries that fought. America, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, and a few more.

What countries did Canada declare war against?

During World War II, Canada declared war against Germany on September 10, 1939. Additionally, Canada also declared war against Japan on December 7, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

What was the us response to the war in Europe?

The US tried to stay out of the war, but was sending supplies to the allies until the japaness attack pearl habor and the US declared war against the axis powers.

What countries did Hitler conquer before World War 1 even started?

Hitler invaded Poland before World War 2 started and it was the reason many countries declared war against Germany.

What was the immediate U.S. response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

The US response was not just to the Japanese attack at Oahu, Hawaii (including Pearl Harbor), but to the attacks at the Philippines, Guam, Wake & Midway Islands. The United States was effectively at war and the US government operated in that fashion. The next day, December 8th, 1941 the United States government declared war on Japan.

Was the declaration declared from England?

no it was declared from Boston Massachusetts or somewhere in the 13 colonies no, i believe it was declared in Rhode Island or Pensylvania, and it was declared AGAINST England.

What countries did Germany declare war on in World War 2?

acutally the only country germany declared war on was the united states no other country only them. why u ask well germany didn't declare war on any other countries because the other countries they were at war with already declared on germany and there was no need to declare war on them

What was the worlds reaction response in the Vietnam war?

The Communist bloc was against it. Americans of draft age and their supporters were against it. Pacifists were against it. People in third-world countries that had suffered from European colonialism were against it even if they were not Communists. People who feared world domination by the Communists were in favor of it.

Who started the 4 major wars since 1948 between the Arabs and Israel?

The Arabs declared war against Israel in 1948 when Israel declared Independence Israel declared war against Egypt in 1956 after being cut off from the Suez Canal. Israel declared war against Egypt in 1967 when the Straits of Tiran were blockaded. Jordan and Syria declared war against Israel in retaliation for the attack on Egypt. Egypt and Syria declared war on Israel in 1973 as a surprise attack.

What four countries did the Soviet Union use aggression against in late 1939 and 1940?

It declared war on Poland after germany did, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia before WW2 started