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Mw2 is the bomb

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What is the correct complete diagram for this sentence The error taught us an expensive lesson

Where should the pronoun be placed on a diagram After the dance was finished we went out for something to eat.

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Q: In medieval times was a candle lit on the 12 nights of Christmas?
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In medieval times a special candle was lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas?

In medieval times a special candle was lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas. The special candle was an Advent candle. Christmas lasted from Christmas Eve until the Epiphany on January 6th.

In medieval times was a candle lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas?


Did they light a candle on the twelve days of Christmas in medieval times?

No, they set a log on fire instead.

In the medieval times special candle was lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas true?


Did the people in medieval times have Christmas?

People in the Medieval times had Christmas, but it was different from what it is today. It was a religious holiday, and was not commercialized.

Who in Medieval times used what to light up the castle?

a candle

What percent of people where nights in the medieval times?

They have 4 knights

What is the most popular Christmas song in medieval times?

silent night

What festivals did people celebrate in Medieval times?

Most of the medieval festivals were based on Church holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, and so on.

In the Medieval times did people in the castle get paid for working?

Only nights would get riches, they would get land and the treasure in that land.

Did medieval times celebrate Christmas?

they did - Christmas was celebrated since the beginning of Christianity - but it was more religious than commercial and full of presents.

What did craftspeople do in medieval times?

Craftspeople in the medieval times were important to their communities. They milled crops, built houses, they made metal works and blacksmith, shoemaking, weaving, candle making and made pottery and baskets. These all were trades mastered by the craftsmen. .

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