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Mw2 is the bomb

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Q: In medieval times was a candle lit on the 12 nights of Christmas?
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In the medieval times special candle was lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas true?

In medieval times a special candle was lit every night of the twelve days of Christmas. The special candle was an Advent candle. Christmas lasted from Christmas Eve until the Epiphany on January 6th.

Who in Medieval times used what to light up the castle?

a candle

What percent of people where nights in the medieval times?

They have 4 knights

What is the most popular Christmas song in medieval times?

silent night

In the Medieval times did people in the castle get paid for working?

Only nights would get riches, they would get land and the treasure in that land.

What are some facts about medieval Christmas?

in medieval times only the king could have swan anyone else caught eating or killing a swan would be charged and hung or beheaded

Did they have Christmas is the Medieval Times?

yes people celebrated it from the birth of Christianity but more religoulsly less presenty

Do nobles have power over anyone else?

Well lords had power over nights and nights had power over peasants. The lords and nights lived in manners. lords would tax nights and nights would tax peasants peasants would pay in money and crops. In the medieval times there was a system called The Feudal System the monarch (king) was at the top then the bishops and lords next was the nights and lower clergy and then at the bottom the peasants.

What is the name of candles in Irish homes on Christmas Eve?

There isn't a "name" for the candles. It's a Christmas tradition where the placing of a lighted candle in the window of a house on Christmas eve. It has a number of purposes but primarily it was a symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph as they travelled looking for shelter. The candle also indicated a safe place for priests to perform mass as, during Penal Times this was not allowed. A further element of the tradition is that the candle should be lit by the youngest member of the household and only be extinguished by a girl bearing the name 'Mary'. Maybe that's where the "name" of the candle is in question......

What were dinosaurs like in medieval times?

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

What id another term used to describe the middles ages?

Medieval PeriodDark Age?Medieval times or the medieval era.

Hot cockles was popular at Christmas in medieval times What was it?

A Tudor game in which a blindfoldedperson was struck.A Christmas game. One blindfolded person knelt down, and got hit, the person then had to guess who gave the blow.