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About 20 dollars, Its about 10 to 20 dollars a gram depending on the weed (there is around two grams in a dubsack)

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Q: In georgiaHow much weed is in a dub of weed?
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How much does a dub sack of weed weigh in grams?

2 gs

What is a dub?

A dub is $20.00 worth of weed. On average it weighs out to about 1.6 grams. It sometimes more or less depending on quality, but the term "dub," usually constitutes that someone is looking for weed. Often used in the term, "hey man, know where I can get a dub?"

How do you post a letter from China to US?

A pack of condoms and a dub of WEED

What is a 20 dollars worth of weed called?

A dub or twenty sack

How much dub could a dub step step if a dub step could step dub?

as much dub as a dub could step if a dubstep could step dub

How much dub could dub-step step if dub-step could step dub?

not sure because Dubstep doesn't step it drops

How much weed you get for 20dollars?

a dub. like you can get a dub of mersh for 20 dallors.

How much does a dub cost?

all dub saca cost $20 dollars

Is Ginga Legend Weed in English dub?

No there is not a English dub sorry,but you can watch with English subs. As a matter of fact, there IS going to be an official dub pretty soon. I'm not all that obsessed or fond of the dub, but being a fan for it since...2008 or before maybe? I still have faith.

How much does a pound of popcorn weed cost?

The cost will usually depend on the quality and location.

How much for a eighth of weed?

An eighth is 3.5 grams and costs $60. Weed generally costs $20 per gram. There's really no such thing called half an eighth, a dime and a dub, AKA 30 sack or a gram and a half is what you're looking for and it'll be $30.

How much dub could dubstep dub if dubstep could step dub?

not sure because dubstep doesn't step it drops