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Q: In ededdeddy who does nazz like?
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When was Nazz created?

Nazz was created in 1967.

When did Nazz end?

Nazz ended in 1970.

When was Nazz III created?

Nazz III was created in 1970-12.

When was Nazz - album - created?

Nazz - album - was created in 1968-04.

Does nazz like edd?

Not sure she seemed to have a small crush on him in the series but in the movie she hit on kevin

Does nazz like double d?

No, she doesn't have a crush on him like he has a crush on her. Like all the kid's from the cul-de-sac. However, in one episode she does kiss him on the cheek. But, that's because she thought that he was going to die from to monster Ed. haha. Nazz has also kissed Eddy. But, sadly for Ed he has never gotten a kiss. Although in one episode "May I have this Ed" Nazz chose to dance with him. But, before she danced with Double D, she asked Kevin to dance, but he got nervous.

Does edd want to makeout with nazz?

yep,allthree of them.

Does nazz love eddy?

no she hates him but she has a secret crush on edd

How did nazz get fat from ed edd n eddy?

As stated by AnimatED: Nazz having a large appetite has been subtley referenced in past episodes: Nazz messily devours her macaroni and cheese in 'To Sir With Ed' and, as opposed to Sarah and Jimmy's careful one-at-a-time chip-eating, Nazz grabs the entire bag of chips and holds it upside-down over her open mouth in 'A Town Called Ed'. Nazz is also the first person to nab a carton of popcorn in 'Little Ed Blue', and 'Stop, Look, Ed' shows that if she didn't have to be polite, she would drink as much soda as possible and belch freely. In 'All Eds Are Off', Nazz has ridiculous amount of food on her tray and I'm sure there are quite a few more instances out there.

Does nazz love edd?

yes she does i saw her kiss him in one episode

What is nazz n kazz?

Nazz n Kazz are 2 people who have an email, and a website they send funny chain emails and their site has cool games and pics. you can become a member of the site too. also its free.

What is the name of the Ed Edd n Eddy episode were Nazz is in her underwear?

boom boom out goes the ed