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credit card debt is reserved to all the names that were used when the credit card was applied for so even in divorce situations where the judge has split the debt it is not legally removed from you if your name was on the account

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Q: In Ohio is the spouse responsible for the other spouse credit card debt?
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In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

In NH if a married spouse expires is the surviving spouse responsible for a credit card debt of the deceased spouse if the living spouse never signed any document.?

In Ohio, if the debt was owned jointly, then yes, you are responsible. If if wasn't, they cannot make you liable for another's debt. This is in Ohio. Credit reports are held in both owners name, if they are co-owners or own the debt jointly, such as a home mortgage. If the credit card is owned by spouse1 and spouse2 does not have permission to use it, then spouse1 is the only responsible person for that debt. Spouse2 cannot be held responsible - in all financial transactions in the state of Ohio, even if the debt has incurred from some other country or state. Wherever you reside determines the law for the consumer. Check your state for that.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for medical bills in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, as in most places the estate will be responsible. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

Is a Wife responsible for medical bill of her deceased husband in Ohio?

In Ohio, the spouse will indirectly be responsible. The estate must resolve all debts. Until that is done, the spouse cannot inherit anything.

Spouse died and had credit cards in his name only will wife be responsible for paying creditors in Ohio?

No you wont be, as the credit was in his name only, because if he dies you cannot use the credit cards as they are in his name not yours. This is how I understand the system here in australia.

Is a surviving spouse responsible for their deceased spouse's funeral expense in Ohio?

The estate has the responsibility to settle all debts including funeral costs in Ohio. Once that is done, the remainder can be distributed.

In the state of Ohio can a husband be held financially responsible for the wife's repossessed vehicle if his name is not on the loan?

No, Ohio is not a community property state, therefore debts solely incurred by one spouse are not the responsibility of the other.

In Ohio is a surviving spouse responsible for the student loans cosigned by the deceased spouse?

yes. When you became married all asests and liabilities became shared. This one may have bit you.

In Ohio law is a spouse held liable for dead spouse credit card debt?

The estate is responsible for settling all debts. Given that the spouse typically inherits all of the assets from the estate, the estate will be smaller by that amount. In some cases the wife may want to pay the bill rather than have the estate sell the house so that the bill can be paid by the estate.

In Ohio does a spouse assume partners debt that was incurred before the marriage?

No. Although the spouse can be affected by the outstanding debt when applying for joint credit or if a joint bank account is levied by a judgment creditor.

Are you responsible for a debt incurred by your ex-husband on a credit card in your name in Ohio?

The person who is the account holder is responsible for the debt unless it can be proven the debt was fraudulently incurred.

In Ohio is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse's medical and credit card debt?

The surviving spouse is only responsible for creditor debt if the accounts were jointly incurred during the marriage unless that debt is considered a bill of necessity (i.e. medical and utility.) In some states you have to be married at the time the debt incurred such as IA, NH, MA, AZ, CT, and SC and in most when you get married the "bills of necessity" become the responsibilty of both parties no matter who puts their name on it. However in FL the rules dont apply surviving spouse is not resp. For credit cards it is different that is contractual its whoever is on the contract same with personal loans and student loans and things of that nature.

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