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no, because adventure quest is a online game but when u play it will show only ur character so it cant be transfered

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Q: In AdventureQuest can you transfer Z-tokens from one character you own to another you own?
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World of Warcraft Is it possible to send gold to a character on another realm?

The only way to do this is to transfer your character with the gold from one realm to another and then trade it over. i should also mention that there is a limit on how much gold a character that you transfer from one realm to another can take.

What is shared bank for in wizard 101?

If you have more then one character on an account you can put an item into the shared back so you can "transfer" it to another character.

How do you transfer character from realm to realm?

In World of Warcraft, to transfer from one realm to another you have to log into your account management page at the Battlenet site, click on manage games, click the world of warcraft link, then you might have to scroll down a tiny bit and select the character transfer option. Follow the steps through. You will be charged $25 for the transfer and you can only use a credit card. The transfer usually takes about an hour, so dont play the character otherwise it will take longer. Be sure to read the Character transfer FAQ

How can you transfer worlds in Maplestory?

u gotta buy a coupon in a cash shop that allows you to switch your character and up to 1mil mesos to another world. it's called character transfer. it costs 25000 NX and your character must be min lvl 20 to do the switch

On wow can you send leveling gear across factions?

You can mail BoA leveling gear through the mail to another character on your account that is of the opposite faction, as long as that character is on the same server. The only way to transfer BoA gear cross server is to server transfer the character that has the gear.

If I transfer using the paid character transfer my only level 55 plus character to another account will I lose my Deathknight on World of Warcraft?

Yes, you actually will. sorry! Sad ain't it? However, you cannot use a paid service to transfer characters between accounts; those requests are special and determined on a case-by-case basis. You probably mean if you transfer to another server, in which case your Death Knight remains. The only criteria for building and having a Death Knight is that any character on your account is level 55+.

How do you tell if a paid Character transfer has worked in World of Warcraft?

Can you log in to the character? Then it worked. Characters are locked while they are being server transferred, transferred to another account or other things like that.

Will Diablo 3 allow character transfers to another account If not will they add a feature later on?

No, characters are bound to the account they were made on, there is no way to transfer them.

What is the difference between bank transfer and wire transfer?

A wire transfer is from one bank to another. A bank transfer is a transfer from one account to another at the same bank.

What requirements need to be fulfilled to transfer a character to another game world?

To transfer a character from its current server to a new one, the following must occur:You enter your account page, select Realm Transfer and the character you wish to transfer.You must pay the transaction fee, unless it is a free transfer.Your character must not have active auctions, mail incoming, or mail in the inbox.You then have to wait for the transfer to be completed, during which the character becomes unavailable. The exact time is unknown, but is estimated to be 1-3 days, depending on the number of requests.You will not keep your Guild when transfering - you will become guildless.If you enter a realm where your character's name is already taken, your name will be altered to something nonsensical and you will be prompted for a name change.

How do you get gurdian armor in dragonfable?

You need to be a guardian in AdventureQuest. Then got to dragonfable homepage and go to guardian verification. Type in your Adventure Quest Username and password and then you type in user name and password for DragonFable account. Then choose character you want to be Guardian. Then the next time you log onto that character u can go to the guardian tower and get guardian armor. You can only use your Guardian account one time. If you want to get another guardian in Dragonfable you have to get another guardian account.

The transfer of disease from one organ to another?

Metastasis is the transfer of disease from one organ to another.