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Being on an IUD and getting symptoms such as cramps and spotting is not your period, nor is it likely a pregnancy. These are common side effects of having an IUD.

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Q: Im on the IUD but Ive been havin symptoms Tue I started gettin cramps and I thought maybe my period was comin but all I did was spot i took a pregnancy test on Fri and it came out negative?
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Are the pains from an ectopic pregnancy sudden or do they take time?

I had an eptopic pregnancy last year! I did not know that I was pregnant because the results came back negative. I started what I thought was my period and it lasted about 7 days and then the pains started in. That is when I found out it was an eptopic pregnancy from an ultrasound.

If you have had a period but feel other pregnancy symptoms how do you know your pregnant you are beginning to feel a little worried Before you started your period this last time you thought you might?

Take a pregnancy test:) Good luck and God Bless:)

Can you have all the signs of pregnancy and not be?

Yeah. I thought I was but it turned out to be an ovarian cyst. You can also be pre-menopausal and have many of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Which of the following would be a negative symptom of a schizophrenic patient?

having no visible emotion

What is the difference between positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Positive symptoms are the symptoms where a behavior or thought is present that should not be there (i.e. delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, inappropriate emotions). Negative symptoms are the symptoms that are due to the absence of a behavior that should be present (i.e. psychomotor retardation, withdrawal from others, a catatonic state).

You have all the symptoms of pregnancy but you came on your period could you still be pregnant?

It's complicated, but yes you can bleed during your pregnancy and depending on the situation this can be normal OR abnormal. I would have to know what symptoms of pregnancy you are talking about though. Morning sickness can be caused from nutrient deficiencies or birth control pills, but I would see a doctor if you thought you were pregnant and you were bleeding.

Is it possible for at home pregnancy test to be wrong if your still experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

Sorry I forgot to add this in there I did both because my boyfriend and I thought I was pregnant and my mom brought me to the doctor, but before that I took a at home pregnancy test, but I have almost all the symptoms of pregnancy

Does every pregnant women get pregnancy symptoms or are there women that just dont experience any?

I did not have any symptoms for the first fourth months of pregnancy.  I still had my normal menstrual cycle, no morning sickness or fatigue. I thought that the true way to determine if you are pregnant is no period. Why I am hearing so many women say that they had regular periods and were in FACT PREGNANT. How is that possible.

Can your girlfriend start feeling symptoms within the first week?

No, she will not be able to feel it for several weeks. I couldn't tell that I was pregnant until after my period was missed. I thought it was just late until week or so later, I actually started to feel the symptoms. That is when I went to the doctor and was confirmed positive (had to be done through blood work, because all urine tests, and test kits came back negative)

Can you have signs of pregnancy while on your period?

Yes, you can. This happened to me with my 3rd pregnancy. I actually had the same kind of cramping that I normally get before my period and a slight spotting. PMS symptoms are very close to pregnancy symptoms. I definitely thought I wasn't pregnant. I only had a bit of spotting though and after a week of not get a full period I decided to take a pregnancy test and to my surprise I was pregnant. I ended up having a very healthy pregnancy and baby.

I was 7 days late for my period then it started went for 3 days i thought it stopped but it started back the next day but it was really light it keeps stopping and starting what would cause this?

I think it could be pregnancy or anemia.

How to Recognize Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Most women have heard of the typical symptoms of pregnancy such as a missed period and morning sickness, but what about the lesser known symptoms of early pregnancy? Though pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman, there are a few surprising side effects of early pregnancy that many women experience. This page will provide information about how to recognize unusual early pregnancy signs. Believe it or not, one of the more common, though little suspected symptoms of early pregnancy, is nasal congestion. While it could be due to the common cold, nasal congestion could indicate the early stages of pregnancy. Another common phenomenon is nosebleeds. If pregnancy is a possibility while experiencing either of these symptoms, check with your doctor. Pregnancy hormones can also be blamed for an odd metallic taste in the mouth. This unpleasant side effect usually presents itself in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Sometimes referred to as “Metal mouth”, this symptom is one of the lesser-known forms of early pregnancy symptoms. Another strange symptom affecting the mouth is the production of excess saliva. This excess saliva can unfortunately increase the nausea associated with pregnancy. Unusual symptoms affecting the body include the sudden appearance of spider veins, typically on the upper arms and the chest. This is due to the increase in blood being carried to vital parts of the body. Leg cramps are another early pregnancy symptom. Often the cramps can be painful enough to wake a woman from a sound sleep. It is commonly thought that these cramps are due to lack of calcium or potassium in the diet. If pregnancy is suspected, a quality prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement should be taken. When leg cramps occur, try massaging the affected area or gently stretching. Some of the unusual early pregnancy symptoms that affect the skin are the development of excess facial hair or changes in skin pigmentation. Women who are in the earliest stages of pregnancy will often notice blotchiness or the darkening of birthmarks. These changes will typically go away one the baby is delivered. Though these symptoms are unusual, they are all simply a part of early pregnancy and should not be cause for alarm.