Im flat chested and dont tan?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Omg me to im a 11 year old 7th grader im flat to...i know it herts when someone says your flat and i am taned but it doent many if you are taned or not and btw its good ypur flat now cuz if you are later you are ganna lok really preety and you will have some dont worry ...well gust try to stand up

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Q: Im flat chested and dont tan?
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Can you be flat chested and overweight?

yep im 16 years old and 165 pounds at 5ft 4in and i dont even wear a A-cup

What should you do if you flat chested at 13?

Im 13 and flat chested like you. and i hate it so i can understand why you are bothered. Yeh , sometimes i get teased about it, but most of the time i just grin and bear it!

Im 16 and still flat chested will i ever get any bigger?

you may or may not. depends. but don't worry about how big your are on top. if your beautiful inside and out that's all that matters.

Can you tan in a booth naked?

yes Technically it is possible, however, the salon that you go to probably will not let you in the booth naked for sanitary reasons. But if you have a home tanning booth I'm sure you can.

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How do you grow my breast?

unfortunately its not possible really. im 14 and flat chested, it sucks i no! the main way is to put on weight, if women in your family have small boobs u will probably only reach a small size. upper body work can help a little bit but there is not much you can do unfortunately... :(

Im 16 years old and you are extremely flat chested ALL of the women in my family are a C cup or bigger why are you not growing?

What are you so confused about? You have a very small rack. Maybe you aren't done growing or possibly, like the midget gene you may just have midget breast syndrome.

What bra size is considered large for a 14 year old?

im 13 and i am a 34E its different to all people, but if you are an A at the age of 14- hard luck your flat chested and boy/men dont like that.

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