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just talk to her for a while, if you think she likes you, ask her out! good luck!

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Start by building a friendship with the girl you like to make it easier to talk to her. Show interest in her by asking her questions and listening to her answers. Take small steps like complimenting her and finding common interests to gauge her interest in you. Feel free to express your feelings in a thoughtful and genuine way when you feel more comfortable.

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Q: Im a very shy guy and so when you like a girl you have no idea what to do you cant just ask her if she likes you without studdering what should you do?
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What should you do if she knows you like her but you cant tell if she likes you?

Ask her or have one of your friends ask her.

What should you do when the girl you like likes someone else?

you should move on because she cant make you happy nor her self. You need to find some out there who likes you just as much to be happy

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You should be able to tell yourself, use your instincts.

What should you do if a boy likes you but also likes your friend?

find out who he likes more dump him.. he cant like the two of you in one time.. he must choose.. and before he chooses, dump him first to prove that he's not worthy...

What would you tell an 11 year-old if she likes a 15 year-old and her friend likes him?

tell her since they cant date him after one has dated they should both go out with him

What should you do if a guy likes you but he cant choose between you and another girl?

Ask him out or be really friendly to him and start showing him you like him

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What should a 12 year old boy that likes an almost 12 year old girl do if he cant talk to her because he is to nervous.?

practice in the mirrow or ask your friends about her and if she likes you anhd go from there

When a guy tells you he likes you but he cant tell you why he like you?

Because he cant get over his pride .