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Each time I got pregnant with my girls, 3 times, I knew I was pregnant cuz the smoke made me sick. When I got pregnant with my son I didn't get sick at all. So for me it was a sighn for being pregnant with a girl.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-19 18:34:48
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Q: Im a smoker and cigarette smoke is starting to make me sick is this a sign of pregnancy?
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Can you smoke an electronic cigarette if your not a smoker?

you can smoke an eletronic cigarettes if you do not smoke

What is a trained smoker?

A trained smoker is a person who is trained not to smoke cigarette's.

If you smoke 1 cigarette a month are you a smoker?

Yeah, you're a smoker no matter how many times you smoke.

How your cigarette can effect others?

There is secondhand smoke which harms others. When the smoker inhales the smoke, it is filtered by a filter on the top of the cigarette. When the smoker blows out, it is not filtered and it can harm innocent people

What is the name that the smoke a smoker breathes in from a cigarette?

Carbon Monoxide

How does cigarette smoke spreadhow can you prevent it?

It spreads as it's being exhaled from the smoker or simply from the cigarette burning. You can prevent it by removing yourself from the environment, or (politely) asking the smoker not to smoke around you.

What is an active smoker?

a person that is smoking a cigarette as opposed to a person that is inhaling the smoke exuded by a active smoker.

What would be the advantages to a smoker who used a Green Smoke electronic cigarette?

The advantages to a smoker who used a Green Smoke electronic cigarette include a cigarette breath free experience and low prices. Another advantage is no risk of fire from cigarettes.

What do you call the combination of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and the exhaled smoke from a smoker?

Sidestream Smoke. More than half the pollutants emitted by a cigarette come not from the smokedend of the cigarette but from its other end - the cigarette's burning end - and are called sidestream smoke.

There is more tar and nicotine in the smoke that rises from a burning cigarette than the smoke exhaled by the smoker?


Who are the affected of cigarette smoking?

2nd hand smoke is worse then actually smoking the cigarette. the smoker will also get affected.

How does tar in ciggarettes get in the lungs?

When a smoker smokes a cigarette, the smoke is inhaled into the lungs. The smoke is the gas form of the tar from the cigarette and thus tar ends up in the lungs.

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