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yes it is very normal. everyone is different and they can start anywhere between the ages of 9 and 17.

i am 11 too and i got mine 2 months ago.

its also normal to have irregular periods during the first year or two.

people say 28 days is the most common cycle but i dont know anyone who has a 28 day cycle and for my second period, my cycle was 36 days!

i am not worried at all and have started to use tampons because it seems that my periods always start when we have swimming at school.

if u are still concerned about anything, u should talk to your doctor

and they'll just check if anythings wrong 'down there'

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Q: Im 11 and started my period is that normal?
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Im 15 and have not started your period is this normal?

Not neccesarily, you should ask your mom or some older woman in your family when they got theirs they might've gotten it at that time, if you still haven't gotton your period by the age 16 you should go to the doctors and make sure everythings fine. Im sure your okay dont worry!

Have you had your period?

yes i started when i was 11 nope and im 12

Can an 11-year-old start her periods?

Yes cuz im a girl who started their period at age eleven .

Im on my period but is it normal for my boyfriend to get the cramps and not me?

No it's not normal

Your period stared and im only 11 what do you do?

Eleven years old is in the normal range for a girl to start getting her period. This is a normal and healthy part of female development. Some cultures celebrate a girl's first period with a feast or ceremony.