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  • It depends on the individual woman. Many women who have been cheated on prefer not to scrap the bottom of the barrel by cheating on their mate to get even; some women will.


Pardon me here but you do sound afraid because your wife caught your affair. Your guilt and conscience is showing by asking if your wife will do the same because you betrayed her. Do you think she will, if she does can you blame her because of the pain you gave her. Try not to judge your wife because of your weakness and fault, it's you who needs to make sure that you will do all the right things this time because you hurt your wife. Being selfish is not good, you must always remember that when you love someone, all you want to do is give, give everything you have without expecting in return. It's better to give than to receive and it will make your heart so big that you don't care if the people that you love doesn't give you something in return.

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Q: If your wife knew you cheated on her will she cheat on you?
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