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It depends sweetie.

You have to keep track on a calendar.

March 24th I would say. But not sure on that.

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Q: If your last menstrual cycle was January 22 when should the next menstrual cycle begin?
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When does the menstrual cycle begin?


When does oogenesis begin?

it begins in the Proliferative stage (Menstrual cycle)

How can you tell if you have started your menstrual cycle?

You begin spotting and/or bleeding from your vagina.

When does the menstrual cycle for girls begin?

when your turd flies out tha toilet!.!.!.

How long after a miscarriage does your regular menstrual cycle begin again?

It should come back within 2 months from the miscarriage.

If I started my menstrual cycle on the third of January. Why do I have my menstrual cycle again on the thirtieth of January?

it is normal. it happens to most people. this is because the body hasn't found it's "pattern" yet, and is just getting used to its monthly cycle.

Can Prozac affect menstrual cycle?

Yes, Prozac can affect menstrual cycle. If it keeps affecting it, you should mention it to a doctor.

Is it normal to have brown discharge and im not pregnant?

Yes. It's just left over from your last menstrual cycle, and your body is releasing it when you begin your next menstrual cycle.

What is the overall purpose of the menstrual cycle?

why should i answer this its your job

Should you have your IUD removed during a menstrual cycle?


You want to speed up your menstrual cycle?

You can't speed-up your menstrual cycle, it will continue as normal. There's also little reason why you should need to speed up your menstrual cycle.

Should you exercise during your menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, if you're a healthy fertile female then you will always be within your menstrual cycle - I think that you mean during menstruation. Yes you should exercise during menstruation if you feel up to it as exercise is good for you.

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