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the question is very poorly formated but what i think you're asking is "my girlfriend started having her period and my butt started bleeding, is that my period?" if that's what you're asking not only are you crazy but the answer is no...

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Q: If your gf started having periods 6 months ago after sex you started bleeding from your bum do you have periods 2?
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Is it normal to still have side effects from birth control after 3 months?

yes i have been having side effects for 6 months constant bleeding

What is the cause of having periods 13 days apart while on birth control pills?

You can have unexpected bleeding while on the birth control pill if it's the first three months of pill use, if you miss pills, or if you use medications that interfere with the birth control pill. You can also have irregular bleeding if you have an infection. Talk with your health care provider to find out if an exam is needed.

Should I be having a 2 week period while on the pill?

Usually no, sometimes you may experience a side effect from taking the pill which is called breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is a nuisance that can last up to a week, which in sense makes you think it is a regular period but actually its not. Most likely you started breakthrough bleeding during your last week of active pills and then you started your "real period" during the placebo week. If breakthrough bleeding still occurs after 3 months, it is recommended that you consult your physician, this may mean you need a higher dosage of birth control.

Can you still get pregnant even after you had your full period?

yes my sister had baby and she was having regular periods for three months in fourth month she start having movement she went to the Doctor and found her self pregnant

Can you use the pill to stop periods two months in a row?

There is no guarantee that taking birth control will stop you from having your period. You will most likely have your period anyway.

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Is it safe to have your periods when you are two months pregnant?

If you're having periods, you're not pregnant. Other bleeding during pregnancy could be a very bad sign for the health of the foetus however, so go to the doctor if you're sure you're pregnant but bleeding.

Are you pregnant if you have been having vaginal bleeding for two straight months?

There are instances of vaginal bleeding for long periods of time during pregnancy. However, it would depend upon how much bleeding; just spotting would be fine, but it is doubtful if bleeding occurs every day in large amounts.

Why do you get periods every 3 months?

If you have recently started your periods, or are in the first year or so since it started then your periods may be irregular or late. They should fall into step.

Why are you still bleeding after having the Mirena coil fitted 10 months ago?

Most women with Mirena experience lack of periods, but not all do. See your health care provider to rule out any other cause of bleeding, such as partial expulsion or infection.

Is is normal to experience Bleeding between periods after 4 months of miscarriage?

No it is not. See you doctor to find out what is wrong.

Why would you have bleeding a week after your mentsral period and having an IUD?

Spotting between periods is a common side effect on IUDs in the first few months of use. This problem usually improves with time.

You haven't started your periods yet and your mum and sister started when they were 12 why haven't you?

Menarch (the beginning of menstruation) is dependent on body mass; if you are quite skinny or underweight, you might not start having periods for several months. You should see your family doctor if you are especially worried about it.

I have taken 4 home pregnancy test that have all come back positive but I started bleeding like or 4 days but when I took another test it was still positive can I be pregnant?

Yes, my wife missed a period and called to the doctors, the doctor told her she was 4 month pregnant or having twins and sent her for a scan. it turned out she was 4 months pregnant even though she was having regular periods for the first 3 months.

Do dogs have periods?

yes dogs have periods my dog shes barley 8 to 9 months and she already has her period, her tushie started bleeding or if u say no dogs don't have periods its probably because u haven't lookedyou are tellin the truthYes dogs do have periods because my friend told me her dog had a period so yes u r right

During the nine months do women still see their menstrual cycle?

Normally, women do not have periods or bleeding during pregnancy.

If you had bleeding for three months then it stopped are you pregnant?

As in bleeding all the time for 3 months? You need to go and see the doctor. If you mean that you had your periods for 3 months (ie as normal, not lasting for 3 months) and then they didn't arrive on the fourth month, it depends on a few things: . Were those three months your first periods? . Have you had sex? . Is it a combination of both? If they were your first periods and you have NOT had sex, it is not anything to worry about. Periods take about a year (sometimes longer) to regulate If you have had sex, you need to take a pregnancy test If these were not your first three periods, take a pregnancy test if you've had sex and if not, see if you get your next period, and if not, go and see the doctor

Can you get pregnant 4 months after having intercourse and having 2 periods in that timeframe?

Some women have periods during pregnancy, however if you were 3-4 months pregnant, you would probably be having some symptoms, I suggest a home pregnancy test. Good Luck ~pawsalmighty

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