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The answer to this question is no/not always. Awhile back I was trying to give myself a breast check, not really knowing what I was doing I pressed some part of my breast and some white/cream colored liquid came out of my nipple, I tasted it and it tasted like warm milk. I went to my gynocologist in the next couple of days and she gave me a pregnancey test to make sure i wasnt pregnant, it came out negative. she told me I had galactorrhea( spontaneous flow of milk from the breast/s) and it was related to my Birth Control method; Depo Provera. I also asked my good friends mother who is a Psychiatrist and she actually told me a whole different opinion that my galactorrhea could be from my anti depression.

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Q: If your breasts have been leaking does that mean you are pregnant?
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Your breasts are leaking milk what does that mean?

your pregnant

Does leaking breasts mean breast cancer?

Absolutely NO.

Had a dream my breast was leaking a lot of milk.. what do it mean?

It certainly means you or someone you know is pregnant.

What does white stuff leaking out of your vagina mean when you are pregnant?


Does a milky substance and enlarged breasts mean that you are pregnant?


Spotting bleeding and sore breasts does this mean your pregnant?


What does it mean if you are 34 weeks pregnant and your breasts are leaking milk?

This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It simply means that your body is getting ready to feed your baby when it is born. Most pregnant women experience some leakage in their third trimester of pregnancy.

Do tender breasts mean i am pregnant?

Not necessarily. You can have tender breasts as part of PMS symptoms or for other reasons.

What do tender breasts mean?

You may be pregnant, your boobs may be growing.. My breasts hurt after sex sometimes

What do sore breasts mean?

Sore breasts could mean that you are pregnant, but it could mean other things, including your period approaching, or breast disease.

What does it mean if your breasts are leaking and your not pregnant?

I'm afraid one of the above is not correct...If you're sure the woman isn't pregnant and didn't just have a baby, this is one of the symptoms of breast cancer. She needs to see a doctor, soon.I don't agree with the breast cancer thought. It could be that the person has prolactinoma which can cause the breasts to leak.

If your girlfriend has bigger breasts and has been more sleepy does it mean shes pregnant?

No, there are other possible causes, but that may be one explanantion

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