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No it's a sign of pms. Not pregnancy. Sorry.

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Q: If your breasts become tender at 5 dpo and then the tenderness disappear at 10 dpo is it a sign of miscarriage?
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Does the breasts become tenderness in the pregnancy?

Yes, that is because it is preparing itself for the production of milk for the baby

Is their something wrong if your 6 months pregnant but your breast are driving crazy?

The breast tenderness is "normal," and very common. Estrogen levels climb during pregnancy and so breasts can become very tender. I had the same problem, as do many women.

What happens if a boy sucks on your breasts?

Your breasts may become wet from saliva.

How can you become un-pregnant?

By giving birth. By miscarriage. By abortion.

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Breasts can be sore for any number of reasons, typically due to hormonal changes such as around ovulation, menstruation, or when you become pregnant. If you're in your teens breast tenderness may be due to breast growth, similarly if you're wearing a bra too small for you it can cause soreness.

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If you have a implant and become pregnant will it cause a miscarriage?

What kind of implant? Breast implant? No.

What is incomplete miscarriage?

A situation in which only some of the products in the uterus have been expelled is called an incomplete miscarriage. Pain and bleeding may continue and become severe.

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