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This is a pregnancy symptom, however it is also a symptom that your period is about to arrive. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

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2009-06-01 15:07:22
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Q: If your breast hurts around the nipple area and sides of your breasts are you pregnant?
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I have white nipple discharge sometimes goose-bumps around the skin of my breasts and tender breasts and I am 13 Is it breast cancer?

sounds like your pregnant...

When you have breast cancer are the bumps around your breasts or near the nipple?

It is usually found at the anterior part of the breast. (mostly)

Does touching the breast in the center of the nipple mean breast tenderness?

The nipple is nipple tenderness. Breasts tenderness is usually when touching any part of your breast..apart from your nipple...causes tenderness.

Dark pigment area around the breast nipple?

Areoli. it usually is darkened when your pregnant.

Can you squeeze milk out your breast while pregnant?

Once your breasts fill with milk, the nipple can be squeezed to expell the liquid. Also while pregnant the breasts can leak something called colostrum which is what the baby eats when it is first born.

What does breast reduction accomplish?

Breast reduction removes excess breast skin and fat and moves the nipple and area around the nipple (called the areola) to a higher position. A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is performed on women who have low, sagging breasts

When your pregnant does your whole breast hurt or just your nipple M y nipples are very sore but breasts are fine?

It varies for each person - sometimes breasts and nipples, sometimes just nipples and sometimes just breasts

Can you have sore breasts from making out?

If you mean from just kissing, no. Messing around with the nipple and breast, yes. If your breasts are feeling sore for no apparent reason you should do a home breast exam or maybe even see a doctor.

How do you massage your breasts?

take your hand and rub around the nipple and then just rub with your WHOLE HAND over the WHOLE BREAST! You rub around in circles repeatedly.

Why are girls breasts pink?

just the nipple is. so when they get older; they can breast feed if they have children

What is the nipple of the breast?

A nipple is a nipple, simple as that. The sometimes darker // pinker skin around the nipple is called the aureole.

Can a woman be pregnant even she dont have a nipple on her breast?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have nipples.

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